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Onemata sources all of its food locally from around New Zealand.
Explore the origins of our food and beverages below by clicking on a region.


Coromandel Oysters

In 2022, Destination Coromandel partnered with Sustainability Advisor Instep and local businesses to launch a pilot Sustainability Programme with practical tips to save money and protect the region. Coromandel Oyster Co participated in the programme, focusing on being Carbon Free, Waste Free, and Predator Free, and now shares their results publicly. They now encourage all visitors to support their sustainable actions to protect the unique landscapes, marine environments, native wildlife, and cultural heritage of the region. We are proud to support their incredible work by including their delicious fresh oysters on our menu.

Tora Collective

Born from a deep-seated commitment to revolutionize New Zealand's seafood industry and with a rich family legacy of fishing along the South Wairarapa coast, Tora Collective recognized a need to bring our nation's finest kaimoana (seafood) home. The delicious crayfish caught by the team come straight from Tora's nutrient-rich waters, harvested seasonally and by order only, so the ecosystem is protected. Try Tora Collective’s delicious crayfish today with our Wok Fried Crayfish Tail available with Black Pepper Sauce or Chilli Sauce.

Village Press

Savour the taste of premium extra virgin olive oil with New Zealand's foremost producer endorsed for its fresh and delightful flavours. With over two decades of expertise, Village Press has pioneered the industry to redefine what superior olive oil tastes like in New Zealand. From their roots at Black Barn Winery in Havelock North to sourcing the finest olives globally, they craft flawless oils of unparalleled quality and taste. This oil is used as a finishing oil on our eggplant and roasted carrot dishes.

Bostock’s Organic

Bostock’s Organic, a proudly New Zealand-owned free-range poultry farm, provides their chickens with a happy life on their apple orchard in Hawke’s Bay, raising them on a diet of certified organic greens and juicy apples. Their commitment to organic principles means the chickens are free from antibiotics, hormones, GMOs, and chlorine, ensuring they stand as a premium product in the industry. From pasture to plate, they prioritize air-chilled processing to preserve freshness and flavour. Try their delicious chicken today, cooked perfectly in our hearth oven.

Canter Valley

Canter Valley has been delivering gourmet poultry excellence since 1987. The family-owned business thrives on sustainable and ethical practices, ensuring their poultry is raised with the highest level of care and welfare at every production stage. The result is premium, clean-tasting poultry with exceptional quality and precise portioning. We proudly source our duck livers from Canter Valley, morphing them into our delicious Duck Liver Pâté, served with focaccia and mustard.

Alpine Salmon

Deep in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, Freshwater King Salmon thrive in pure, glacial waters. Raised without pesticides or antibiotics, these salmon are fit and healthy, resulting in a clean taste and delicate texture. Packed with omega-3s and balanced fat content, this salmon offers numerous health benefits, including boosting the immune system and reducing heart disease risk. The fish are sustainably farmed and hand-fed with premium, GM-free feed, ensuring they are always well cared for. Try the alpine salmon soon on our new menu!

Sanford and Sons

Sanford and Sons opened their first fish market on the Auckland waterfront in 1894, and still operates out of the same building today! They land their fresh catch daily, providing a steady supply of top-quality, responsibly harvested seafood. Their commitment to sustainability ensures that every catch is treated with the utmost respect. Try their delicious seafood today with our Mussels and Oysters.

Pure South Shop

Step into a world in which skilled Kiwi farmers raise the finest free-range meat at Pure South Shop. As New Zealand's only 100% farmer-owned cooperative, they blend tradition with cutting-edge technology to deliver globally recognized quality and sustainability. Each cut of meat is sustainably farmed, grass fed and craft butchered to give the customer the best product available. Join us in experiencing the flavour of premium red meat with our Bone-In Handpicked Ribeye and 300gm Scotch Steak.


Moana is Aotearoa’s largest Iwi-owned kaimoana (seafood) and kai ora (ready to eat meals) company. They are an important part of the inter-generational Māori Fisheries Settlement with the Crown, meaning that Māori will always be involved in fisheries. Nestled in the pristine waters of New Zealand, they operate with a deep commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Their fish are harvested using methods that respect the natural ecosystem and are free from antibiotics and hormones. We are proud to have a range of fish dishes made from Moana’s fresh catches.

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Prophet’s Rock Winery

Prophet’s Rock wines are crafted to be shared with friends, enjoyed at the table, and laid down in the cellar. Whether you’re after a drop that will make your taste buds sing today or something that will reward years of patience, we have a wine for you. At Prophet’s Rock, we know that all great wines start in the vineyard, in the earth, in the land. Our job as winemakers is to let that land speak, and to share its bounty with you. Thoughtful, low intervention winemaking results in wines that capture the power and grace of our Central Otago home…and shares our corner of New Zealand with winelovers around the world.

Ōra King Salmon

Ōra King is a unique breed of King salmon, raised in the clear waters of the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand. Often being referred to as the ‘Wagyu of the Sea’, Ōra King has a vibrant flesh colour and high fat content which gives it the rich, buttery and melt in the mouth texture that chefs around the world love. Aquaculture and sustainable farming practices are integral to the welfare and future of our planet, and we are committed to growing King salmon in the most sustainable way possible, with the health of our fish central to everything we do.

Craggy Range Winery

Craggy Range produces a collection of iconic wines from multiple regions in New Zealand. Owner Terry Peabody and his family pursued the single vineyard approach to winemaking, planting on green fields and bare land, ensuring a focus on quality from the very beginning. New Zealand, with its diversity of soils types, offered the perfect location to plant the vines. From the stony, warm soils of the Gimblett Gravels in Hawke’s Bay to the volcanic, clay soils of Te Muna Road in Martinborough, these exceptional vineyards produce wines with amazing aromatics, purity and complexity. The wines, produced for the Prestige and Family Collections are pure expressions of the unique terroir in which they were grown.

Dusty Apron

The Dusty Apron was created by Dusty the baker in 2018. Dusty's view on bread is simple. We take the best possible local ingredients to make our bread. Stoneground milled wheat flour from Minchmillens milling in Sheffield, water and salt. That’s it! We have cultivated our own sourdough starter which we feed every day with flour and water. We call him Obi! Obi is the soul of our bakery.

Forage + Bloom

Formulated and handcrafted by a herbalist and naturopath, Forage + Bloom is a range of organic herbal teas that taste delicious and help you feel your best. Designed to fit into a cafe/restaurant environment, using unique combinations of medicinal herbs in therapeutic ratios. Drink daily to enhance your natural health, hydration and wellness, the nourishing way. Enjoy Forage + Bloom teas served hot, iced, still or sparkling, in cocktails and with fresh herbs.

Coastal Spring Lamb

Salt from the Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea is carried onto the grasses of our family farms by coastal winds. Our lambs graze on the rich and fertile pastures of New Zealand’s coastline, which is what gives Coastal Lamb its unique mild, sweet flavour and tender, succulent texture.

Lansdowne Farm

On the shoreline of the South Island our contented Angus-cross cattle are raised in clean air, grazing on diverse pastures and sheltering in forests of kanuka. No feed lots, no hormones, no whips. Only no-stress, ethical and sustainable pastoral farming above the Pacific cliffs.You are what you eat. Healthy and succulent Lansdowne Beef nourishes and makes for special dining memories. We are very proud that Park Hyatt chefs often include our delicious beef in their menus.

From the Dairy

Just south of Auckland on the shores of the Hauraki Gulf is a farm unlike any other in New Zealand. True pioneers of the buffalo farming scene locally, Richard and Helen Dorresteyn own and operate 200 head of buffalo and were the first to farm buffalo in New Zealand in 2007. Clevedon Buffalo Co. cheese and yoghurt is made with farm fresh milk from their herd of Riverine water buffalo which graze freely on lush pasture in Clevedon. Proud winners of multiple awards and medals in New Zealand’s national cheese and artisan awards.


Amisfield is an organically managed, single- estate vineyard in the Pisa sub-region of Central Otago. Situated on terraces above the river Clutha/Mata Au and below the slopes of the Pisa mountain range, Amisfield’s location close to the 45th Parallel, places it in the most southerly winemaking region in the world. First planted in 1999, our site is renowned for producing Pinot Noir with dark, juicy fruits and refined tannins; complex whites with texture, acidity and a flinty minerality. In the winery, a minimal intervention approach allows each parcel of fruit from each part of the vineyard to tell its own origin story in its own way.

Massimo’s Italian Cheese

Massimo and his wife Marina came to NZ on holiday from Puglia, Italy in 2004. They were impressed by the high-quality dairy available but were surprised by the lack of fresh Mozzarella. After a Cheese making apprenticeship in Italy, they returned to NZ in 2010 to settle here and introduce Kiwi’s to Mozzarella, Burrata and Ricotta, fresh produce that is part of a daily Mediterranean diet. They firsy launched their product at the La Cigale and Matakana Farmers markets, and today you can find Massimo’s range of fresh NZ made cheeses in most major retailers.

Pegasus Bay

Pegasus Bay was established in 1985 by the Donaldson Family who were pioneers of the North Canterbury wine region and are widely regarded as a leading producer of quality wine. The home vineyard of 40 hectares, now over 35 years old, is located in the Waipara Valley on the free draining, low vigour soils known as the Glasnevin Gravels. These comprise of silt, loam and greywacke stone, washed down from the Southern alps over the millennia. The wines produced from this unique site are highly distinctive and consistently show impeccable, balance, concentration & complexity rarely seen. Seven members of the Donaldson family work in key roles in the business today.







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From The Market



Quartz Reef Winery

Quartz Reef vinifies wines of outstanding flavour and intensity.. The key to this distinction lies in the maturing sun drenched slopes situated at Quartz Reef’s Bendigo Estate vineyard. Under Rudi’s custodianship Pinot Noir becomes the essence of Central Otago whilst Pinot Gris takes on a rich textured dry style.

Akarua Winery

Akarua’s story is set in an arrestingly beautiful place… remote, challenging and wildly unpredictable. Established in Bannockburn in 1996 by Sir Clifford Skeggs and proudly second generation family-owned, his son David is now director at Akarua. Pictured on every label is a celebration of the indigenous and unique – the alpine daisy – growing wildly in the mountains of Central Otago. The name Akarua was chosen to honour the establishment of the estate; two Maori words together meaning "two vines", referring to the original varietals planted, pinot noir and chardonnay.

Dog Point Winery

Dog Point Vineyard is located in the Southern Valley of Marlborough, New Zealand’s premium wine growing region. They produce wines that reflect the experience and passion of the people that make them. All fruit is from hand-picked, low cropped vines grown under organic principles. Wines are made to drink well on release or cellar gracefully for many years.

Cloudy Bay Winery

Today, Cloudy Bay not only captures the essence of Marlborough but also embodies New Zealand's luxury to the world. The luxury of space and time, of intimate moments and nature’s rarest qualities.

Ata Rangi Winery

Ata Rangi, meaning “dawn sky” or “new beginning” is a small New Zealand winery with a renowned reputation for Pinot Noir.

Garage Project

From small beginnings in Aro Street, our Garage Project has grown to work across multiple sites in Wellington and further afield..Whether they’re brewing 50 litres or several thousand, they’re still here to take some risks, to have a bit of fun and try something new.

Te Mata Estate

Established in 1896, Te Mata Estate remains family owned, producing internationally recognized wines exclusively from its Hawke’s Bay vineyards. The estate produces thirteen wines from classical vineyard areas in Hawke’s Bay. These wines are delightful now and will continue to evolve with careful cellaring. Every step in the production of our wines is undertaken by us, from grape growing and pruning through to winemaking and bottling.

Websters Tea Co. Tauranga

The production of our tea uses only organic products and is free of synthetic and harmful chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides. This means our certified organic teas are produced sustainably, are free of nasties, and better for you because of it.

Antipodes Taupo

Fine water is a central element in the enjoyment of wine and cuisine - its sole purpose is to hydrate and refresh, whilst cleansing the palate.

Obsidian Winery

Obsidian Vineyard nestles in the coastal hills of the Onetangi Valley adjacent to the northern coast of Waiheke Island. Here, small batches of wine are grown on four discrete hillsides set out in an amphitheatre-like fashion.

Stoneyridge Winery

The first Bordeaux vines and olive trees were planted in 1982 with the help of close friends and family. This makes Stonyridge the first commercial olive grove in New Zealand. When Cabernet Franc and Malbec were planted in 1983, it was the beginning of New Zealand’s first Bordeaux four blend.

Man O’War Waiheke

The only thing we respect more than our wine is our diverse agricultural land. When you visit; as well as vineyards you’ll see our orchards, olive groves, restored native forests and beehives. All of this along with our livestock is foraged for our cellar door restaurant, a true farm-to-table ethos.

Kumeu River Winery

The Brajkovich family and Kumeu River Wines is a story that parallels the New Zealand wine industry. From the pioneering days to the establishment of the New Zealand wine industry to today, the Brajkovich family have been internationally recognised and focus on producing world class wine, especially Chardonnay.

Sawmill Brewery Matakana

Sawmill is an independent, New Zealand owned brewery run by a small and talented team. We are New Zealand's first B-Corp certified brewery, an international certification recognising our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Curious Croppers Tomatoes

Locally grown by passionate gardeners, the ‘Tiny growers’ strive at making sure their tomatoes are at their best shape and flavor when they arrive in your kitchen. A variety of beautiful colors to add vibrance to your home dishes.

4. Sweets

Foundry Chocolate

At Foundry Chocolate we celebrate and accentuate the remarkable personalities of the world’s finest cacao by crafting and aging micro-batches of award winning bean-to-bar craft chocolate from scratch – using only two ingredients: Cacao Beans and Organic Sugar.

Webster’s Loose leaf organic

Ridiculously good, organic loose leaf tea based in Tauranga, New Zealand.


Eighthirty Coffee

Established in 2009, we are a boutique New Zealand owned and operated roastery. We aim to build the best coffee company we can and use our business to build up our people and wider community while causing no unnecessary harm to the planet.

Hearth Oven