Onemata Restaurant is currently open for dinner only. Contact for private lunch enquiries. Free parking available for all dinner bookings Monday to Thursday, for 1 car of up to 4 pax. *Subject to availability*


Our Upcoming Events

at Onemata

At Onemata we’re proud to celebrate the best of New Zealand food and wine, bringing you closer to the people, the lands, and the producers that make us unique. Join us in one of our upcoming events as we celebrate cuisine inspired by Aotearoa’s rich coastlines and abundant natural landscapes.

Inspired by Aotearoa

flavours of home

Onemata is formed out of the passion and enthusiasm that our Chefs have for New Zealand, its plentiful fresh produce, premium farm meats and supreme seafood.

Toasting to our rich coastlines and abundant landscapes, Onemata serves to bring people together, celebrating and savouring the best of New Zealand’s local produce.


in the Onemata kitchen

Kaitiakitanga, the preservation and guardianship of New Zealand’s environment, sits at the heart of making decisions for Onemata and the food we serve. We are proud to showcase what New Zealand has to offer and support these local producers. Small scale, natural production of these products allows complete focus on perfecting these ingredients, which make up the simple, sustainable foods served in Onemata.

Our food ethos.


Hand selecting only the freshest and most premium ingredients puts our local suppliers at the cornerstone of every dish. At Onemata, we welcome you into our kitchen to connect with our wider family, and experience the level of care and consideration that goes into every meal. Stories from our farmers, fisherman and butchers that Onemata shares with you right at your table.

Our team have travelled the country, to find the creamiest buffalo cheese right here in neighbouring Clevedon, all the way down to Stewart Island to source the country’s finest freshly caught salmon.

Dining Options


At Onemata, we provide a unique dining experience designed for groups of up to 10 guests, allowing you to enjoy our diverse menu in an exclusive, private setting.

Group Bookings 

Please click here for further information on group dining options. Please email or call if you would like to find out more info.

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